Carefully collected things
19 Feb

Carefully collected things

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I wonder whether a house only feels like a home when you’ve surrounded yourself with things that evoke memories and objects that bring you joy?  Along with the important decisions on furniture and paint and wallpaper, it’s those extra things we choose to add that bring a room to life and what makes the place yours.  These are the things I adore about the interior accounts I follow and the friend's houses I visit, where the personal style in their home reflects their personality and life experiences.  In amongst the bargain things and the ikea candles, these are the treasures.

 So here are a few of my collected things:  I’ve picked up so many shells and seed pods over the years, with raised eyebrows at customs on more than one occasion as I’ve emptied my bag of stuff I've found under a tree!  I can’t walk past that kind of thing!  I have these found objects on lots of shelves instead of ornaments, the porcupine quills are my all time favourite totally free find, I did give them a very good wash I promise.   

and what's the chance of picking 12 shells up that line up in perfectly descending size order?!  So many people have asked me if I bought them like that!  - they're so much more special because I didn't. 

I've also learnt in recent years, that if my children's musical instruments are out on display – they practice them more often, but the other upside is that in most cases (with the exception of the green plastic recorder, which should definitely stay in its bag!) - they’re beautiful objects, often made by skilled craftsman, so why wouldn’t they be on display?  Whether your house is as noisy as mine or not - if you have a guitar in a bag or a trumpet in the loft – why not get it a stand, hang it on the wall and display it?  

I also like to make the most of the trick of surrounding myself with things that take me away to somewhere else…. our neon embroidered cushions outside on a sunny day, make me imagine I’m in a beach bar, even when I’m sitting in my very English garden – there’s nothing like a bit of escapism!  Finding things that evoke a feeling of travel, or finding hidden treasures made by people in beautiful colourful places, has become part of the ethos of my business.

 There’s nothing quite like a collection of  books or magazines, (in colour coded order if you have the patience) - I love physical things that inspire you, in a world of Kindles and Iphones.  

And I’ll leave you with one of my favourites hung in our playroom – the balance bike that both my kids learnt to ride on, just too many happy memories to say goodbye to it!   


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